Russian personal dating from Krasnoyarsk

I am pretty young lady who has a lot of love in her heart and who wants to find that the only one man to give this love to. Though I am very modest person, I still know that I have a great sense of humor and my jokes will surely make you smile even if you feel blue.I am a kind hearted person and I am able to forgive everything accept for the treason. I easily make friends and the doors of my home are always open for those who need my advice, compassion or just my company. Speaking about my interests I will firstly mention that there is nothing like spending time on nature with my family, or close friends. I enjoy flora and fauna very much and that is why I think that feeding seagulls on the sea side or just lying on a juicy green grass and listening to the sounds of nature is one of the best types of spending leisure time! I practice sports and dancing as.

I like to stay active; but at the same time it can be also quite nice to stay at a comfortable sofa and just read an interesting book. I get along with children very well, can cook the most delicious dish you have ever tried and they say that one day I will be a caring mother and a wife. You should be warm hearted, understanding and tender person who never pushes at people and who will never push at me in particular.

You have a very flexible mind and realize that besides your view point exist a lot of others and there can be a grain of truth in them. It is no matter for me whether you are poor or richjust be a good person, attentive listener and a real man who can positively surprise the lady of his heart and the main: you should have a wish of having children in future, because if not, our paths are definitely run in opposite sides.